Boroscope inspections

  • Aerotech can provide Airlines, Maintenance Organizations, Military, Lease companies and Engine Owners with performing scheduled or non scheduled (FOD), prepurchase and lease return engine boroscope inspections.
  • Aerotech has the latest borescope system with digital stereo measuring capability, OLYMPUS "IPLEX SX". We not only see the defect, we can measure it.
  • Aerotech performs borescope inspections on power plant types CFM56 and IAE V2500. We usualy inspect LPC and HPC stages and blades, LPT and HPT stages and blades, combustion chambers, frames, nozzles, outer cowls and other engine components.Boroscope inspection
  • Aerotech performs boroscope inspections in accordance with the aircraft’s maintenance manual or engine manufacture’s maintenance manual. 
  • Aerotech staff trained by CFMI and IAE facility is ready to travel anytime and anywhere to fulfill requirements of our customers.
  • Aerotech can provide customers with Final Inspection Report and video recording of the complete boroscope inspection.
  • Aerotech issues an EASA Form 1 Release to Service Certificate for serviceable engines after the boroscope inspection.